Our condolences to the McGrath family on the passing of Mrs. Lynette McGrath.

Lyn & Brian (Shorty) have made significant contributions to the Berala Bears family over many years with Brian also being one of our very earliest Life Members.
Lyn was known as a ‘mum to many’ often picking kids up for training and game days and dropping them home.
“It was amazing how many football players could fit in a Ford Cortina’ Son Craig recalls.
Brian and Lyn often hosted social gatherings at their home in Berala in what was also known to many as their 2nd home.
Lyn was very much the rock of the McGrath family. The McGrath family has been synonymous with Berala Bears since the 70’s and son’s Peter, Craig (Life Member) Fiona & Grandson Jaxon (Soon to be Life Member) still continue their contributions to the Club this very day.
3 Generations of Life Members is a remarkable contribution at any level and all at the Bears feel truly appreciative and privileged by association.
Thank you Lyn, may you REST IN PEACE.
Lyn McGrath’s Funeral will be held this Thursday 18th March at 10.30am at the Rookwood South Chapel.
If you are planning on attending the service please let Craig know via email craig@beralabears.com.au or mobile 0412078884