About The Club

BERALA BEARS JRLFC Inc has been established since 1965 and has undergone massive amounts of change from its humble beginnings, in much the same way as Rugby League itself has evolved.

Berala Bears still play the game hard but fair and our mission statement is to allow children to learn and play the game of Rugby League in an organised, safe and happy environment.

Berala Bears are covered and adhere to a strict Code of Conduct and it is a condition of the Club that all players, coaches, trainers, administrators and supporters alike abide by this Code.

We welcome everyone to our club that abides by the Code of Conduct and actively helps the club in the many voluntary duties it must perform to remain viable, so that we may live up to our mission statement above.


Sponsorship and material support is absolutely imperative for Berala Bears to continue its activities that directly and positively affect the Community. To this end we rely on people within the club to assist with raising funds – this can be done in many ways – running raffles, canteen assistance, attending functions and ensuring that money owed to the club is paid on time every time.

Far and above this are the group of businesses and individuals that support us with cash to assist us by vital uniforms and equipment for our teams or they may provide products or services that we can use to raise cash or make our club better equipped.

Busting Tackles Berala Bears


As a 100% not-for-profit organisation, Berala Bears relies on its members and supporters to help out in any way possible – everyone having any attachment to the club is expected to assist in all aspects of the day to day running of the club.

We hope you find the Berala Bears Website informative and would welcome your feedback. If there is something that you feel would enhance our site and provide better information and service to our readers, please feel free to contact us.